Build Automation – Calling GlassFish’s asadmin and Apache Ant Directly

Automating deployment of applications from NetBeans to GlassFish is easy using Apache Ant and GlassFish’s asadmin utility. Calling these two applications directly, without requiring the complete file path, can be a real time-savings. With Ubuntu (Linux), like with Windows OS, this can be done by adding their file paths to the $PATH environment variable.

Below is an example of adding both asadmin and Ant to the .bashrc file in your home directory. To open the .bashrc file, open the Terminal and enter ‘sudo gedit ~/.bashrc‘. You will be prompted for your password. When the .bashrc file opens, enter the following text at the end of the .bashrc file. Make sure you change the file paths to match your local system if they are different.

export ANT_HOME=./netbeans-7.2/java/ant
export ASADMIN_HOME=./glassfish-

Close the .bashrc file and type ‘asadmin’ at the Terminal window prompt. You should see the response below. Type ‘exit’ to get out of asadmin. Next, type ‘ant’. Again, you should see the response below. This means both applications are now available directly, on any file path or from within any application, like Jenkins or Hudson.

Adding GlassFish's asadmin and Apache Ant to $Path Environmental Variable

Adding GlassFish’s asadmin and Apache Ant to $Path Environmental Variable

You can also add these variables in other ways. Here are links to other posts, which go into much more detail, and show methods to add these for all users, in addition to just yourself:

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