Video Demonstration: Lakehouse Automation on AWS with Apache Airflow

Programmatically load and upload data from Amazon Redshift to an Amazon S3-based Data Lake using Apache Airflow


In the following video demonstration, we will learn how to programmatically load and upload data from Amazon Redshift to an Amazon S3-based Data Lake using Apache Airflow. Since we are on AWS, we will be using the fully-managed Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (Amazon MWAA). Using Airflow, we will COPY raw data into staging tables, then merge that staging data into a series of tables. We will then load incremental data into Redshift on a regular schedule. Next, we will join and aggregate data from several tables and UNLOAD the resulting dataset to an Amazon S3-based data lake. Lastly, we will catalog the data in S3 using AWS Glue and query with Amazon Athena.

Architecture and workflow demonstrated in the video


For best results, view at 1080p HD on YouTube

Source Code

The source code for this demonstration, including the Airflow DAGsSQL statements, and data files, is open-sourced and located on GitHub.


The DAGs included in the GitHub project are:

Demonstration DAGs as seen in MWAA Airflow UI

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