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Video Demonstration: Building Open Data Lakes on AWS with Debezium and Apache Hudi

Build an open-source data lake on AWS using a combination of Debezium, Apache Kafka, Apache Hudi, Apache Spark, and Apache Hive


In the following recorded demonstration, we will build a simple open data lake on AWS using a combination of open-source software (OSS), including Red Hat’s Debezium, Apache Kafka, and Kafka Connect for change data capture (CDC), and Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Apache Hudi, and Hudi’s DeltaStreamer for managing our data lake. We will use fully-managed AWS services to host the open data lake components, including Amazon RDS, Amazon MKS, Amazon EKS, and EMR.

The data pipeline architecture used in the demonstration


For best results, view at 1080p HD on YouTube

Source Code

All source code for this post and the previous posts in this series are open-sourced and located on GitHub. The following files are used in the demonstration:

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